Product Features

Features: Smooth section without burr, smooth needle insertion during detection, small pain.

Tip: Laser cutting,

Needle tube: Good flexibility.

Needle and handle connection: internal gold-plated joint, good signal, reduce distortion.

Handle: curved anti-slip design, feel comfortable and easy to operate; There is a raised mark indicating the direction of the section of the needle tip.

Disposable EMG Concentric Needle Electrode


The Technomed needle electrode is a medical device used in electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS). These procedures involve the evaluation of the electrical activity of muscles and nerves to diagnose neuromuscular disorders.

The needle electrode consists of a thin, insulated needle with an exposed tip that allows it to pick up electrical signals from muscles or nerves when inserted into the tissue. These signals are then amplified and recorded by electromyography equipment.

Technomed is a company that produces a variety of medical devices and accessories, including needle electrodes for EMG and NCS procedures. Their needle electrodes are designed to be reliable and accurate, providing clinicians with valuable data for diagnosing and monitoring neuromuscular conditions.

When using Technomed needle electrodes or any other similar medical devices, it's essential to follow proper sterilization and usage procedures to ensure patient safety and accurate results.